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Idigo – where innovation meets industrial might

At Idigo, we provide vital identification solutions for critical industries operating in the harshest environments.

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Why us? We embrace change. We not just adapt and evolve, we lead:

  1. Our game-changer:Innovation.
  2. Our secret sauce:Peekee, our digital twin technology. It slashes costs, speeds up deployments, and takes efficiency to new heights.
  3. Our mission:Revolutionize tough industries with smart solutions.

Idigo Team Commitments

  1. High Quality Products & Services
  2. Fully Customizable
  3. Industry Standards
  4. Shortest Lead-Time
    In The Industry

High Quality Products & Services

We offer superior service and the highest quality labeling products for our customers facilities in Singapore and South-East Asia.

Specially designed for harsh environments with extended service temperature range, chemical resistance, seawaterability and long life.

We also offer UL certified and low-flammability series.

All our products are manufactured in Singapore and complemented with site survey, project packaging and installation services.

Fully Customizable

We understand that there are different specifications to identification solutions based on environment, industry, region and end-user rules. As such, our in-house proprietary software allows for the customisation of:

  • designs,
  • legends,
  • colors*

while maintaining compliance with ASME, ISO,….

Our in-house proprietary software speed-up the generation of hundreds of designs merely in seconds.

* Color matching option available: RAL, British Standard and Pantone.

Shortest Lead-Time In The Industry

Our Pipe markers, Valve and Accident Prevention Tags, Safety Signs & Labels come at a very competitive price and the shortest lead-time in the industry thanks to our on-demand digital manufacturing in our state-of-the-art facilities in Singapore.

5 working days turnaround for small orders, even for custom designs.*

* Artworks will be subjected to your approval before order is placed.

Idigo Offering Extensive Range of Marking Products & Services

Convey piping content & usage with our pipe markers; Security notices with safety signs; Equipment & assets identification and usage with our valves, assets, accident prevention tags, and labels.

Our products are perfect for harsh and industrial environments where durability is key.

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Our Services

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Solutions Designed for Demanding Industries Proven durability under harsh environments with full regulatory Compliance

Marine & Offshore, Oil Rig image

Marine & Offshore

Pipes identification on ships and offshore installations with well designed pipe stickers, IMO signs and photoluminescent tapes are of the utmost importance to the safety of employees and to the proper operation and maintenance of connected machines and equipments.

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Oil & Gas image

Oil & Gas

With the increased complexity of petrochemical plants, correct pipe labelling of their maze of pipes and tagging of their valves has become an important part of new and retrofitted installations, their maintenance and in keeping up with regulations.

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Pharmaceutical flasks image

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Most countries have adopted GHS as part of their standard framework for labelling of storage and transport of hazardous substances.
IDIGO pipe stickers, container and storage safety labels support the full set of GHS Rev 5 specifications for transport and storage.

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Close-up water filtration equipment image

Industrial Facilities

Factories, Mining, Water Treatment Plants, Logistics & Warehousing

Risks at these facilities can be drastically reduced with a systemic approach that include high-visibility labelling of risks, indication of safe and dangerous areas, evacuation paths etc..

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