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Low Location Lighting Role & Benefits Illuminate Escape Paths & Equipments in case of emergency

Also called Safety Way Guidance System in land-based premises, An LLL (Low Location Lighting) system generally consists of photoluminescent strips applied to walls, directional arrows and safety equipment location signs.

Low Location Lighting (LLL) strips and photoluminescent safety equipment signs play a pivotal role in ensuring safety, particularly in emergency situations where visibility is compromised.

These strips are strategically installed close to the floor or on lower sections of corridor walls and stairways, providing a clear, illuminated pathway that guides individuals safely out of a building or area during emergencies such as fires, power outages, or other critical situations.

In addition, photoluminescent signs with normalized symbols located near every single critical equipment, i.e. fire estinguishers …, ensure these equipments can be found quickly in such situations.

These provide the following benefits:

  1. Enhanced Visibility in Smoke-Filled Situations: In emergencies like fires, smoke tends to rise, significantly reducing visibility at eye level. LLL systems, positioned low to the ground, remain visible beneath the smoke layer, providing a clear visual guide for evacuation.
  2. Guidance During Power Failures: During power outages, conventional lighting systems fail, which can lead to confusion and panic. LLL systems, often designed with photoluminescent materials or backed by emergency power sources, continue to function, ensuring that exit paths remain illuminated.
  3. Assisting in Quick Response & Evacuation: In emergencies, time is of the essence. LLL systems facilitate faster and more organized evacuations and counter-measures by providing a clearly defined and uninterrupted pathway to safety and fast location of critical equipments.
  4. Compliance with Safety Regulations: Many building codes and safety regulations, particularly in marine, commercial and public buildings, require the installation of LLL systems. They are considered a critical component of a building's overall safety and emergency response plan, and having them standardized insure optimum consistency and efficiency.
Low Location Lighting Concept, light on Low Location Lighting Concept, light off
Low Location Lighting System, Animated Illustration

Idigo Low Location Lighting, Specifications

LLL strips

  • Self-adhesive
  • Meant to be placed at low location
  • Allow evacuation routes to stay illuminated

Luminance characteristics:
>210mcd/m2 measured 10 minutes, >30mcd/m2 measured 60 minutes.

Photoluminescent Equipment Signs ID-S745

Luminance characteristics:
>210mcd/m2 measured 10 minutes, >30mcd/m2 measured 60 minutes.

ID-S745 Datasheet

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