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With the increased complexity of petrochemical plants, correct pipe labelling of their maze of pipes and tagging of their valves has become an important part of new and retrofitted installations, their maintenance and in keeping up with regulations.

In these conditions, ensuring operations safety & emergency situations handling are critical, thus key safety pillars are key equipments & fluids identification and evacuation procedures.

This are standardized by international and/or national organizations, whose resolutions and standards we introduce below with, for each, the matching products we offer.

Standards & Regulations Overview

Pipe marking tapes need to be compliant with ANSI / ASME 13.1 or equivalent standard while equipments and valve tags must be labelled. While valve tags are not formally standardized, it is customary to follow the same coloring scheme with indication of “Normally Close/Normally Open”

In addition, Emergency equipments and evacuation paths must be highlighted in case of critical situations. Another common requirement: Thickness Measurement Location Stickers.

Please consult our page dedicated to ASME 13.1 for pipe labeling standard.

IDIGO Pipe Markers are fully compliant with these requirements. Our custom Pipe Marker Generator software ensure consistency over thousands of designs, including mixture support.

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